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  Pillows are NOT for protection while traveling. They are for comfort only!
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Custom Made Cardiac Travel Pillow 


For the sports enthusiast, to the fisherman, to the father-of-the bride, to having pics of grandchildren to just saying something special on the pillow, the Cardiac Travel Pillow can be made to order. We may have to do this the old-fashioned way, through your email order or over the telephone, in order for you to get just what you want, but it will be well-worth your time.

Children’s Cardiac Bib 





Loyal Lion or a customized cardiac bib serves the same purpose as the Cardiac Travel Pillow. Keep little patients comfortable while traveling in the car. They fit nicely under the seat belts for the carseat. See our Custom Pillow Page for ideas on custom made pillows.

Breast Surgery Comfort Pillow 

bccp_hope_tn bccp_hopeb_tn bccp_hopec_tn

The Breast Surgery Comfort Pillow is so soothing following mastectomy, breast reduction, lumpectomy or other breast surgery. Curves to fit comfortably but firmly under the arm using either cut-outs. Measures approximately 17x14x5″. This pillow is firm and provides comforting support. Available with pockets on either side to hold a small ice pack.

Breast Cancer Comfort Pillow Slip Cover 


Want a nice yet simple pink fabric bag to carry your pillow in? This drawstring bag is perfect. If you order the Breast Cancer Comfort Pillow, there is no shipping charge for the bag, as it will be included with your pillow.

Post Chest / Breast Surgery Travel Pillow 



Ideal for in-hospital use and travel comfort. Fits comfortably between your chest and your seat belt for traveling comfort only. This is a custom-made pillow, so please specify the type of fabric you would prefer, breast cancer fabric, floral, geometric and/or color preference.

Incision Pillow 

cip_giftpack_tnPost Surgical Incision Pillow is a small pillow, approximately 6″ tall. Inserted between the bra and the cardiac incision, it provides comfort from the bra rubbing against the incision. Comes in a print of your choice and a neutral cream-color. Two pillows per order.

Trauma Pillow 

trauma_ehfront_tnDesigned specially for trauma to the rib cage, this pillow does not have a seat belt strap, and is firm to aid in supporting the rib cage area following trauma.

Trauma Pillows – Bulk Orders 

trauma_50pil_tnDesigned specifically for rib trauma. I was contacted by a trauma center, and they asked me to come up with something to comfort patients following rib trauma. This is it, and they were very happy with the result.

Hysterectomy / Abdominal Pillow 


For in-hospital use and recovery, this pillow straps to the lower portion of the seat belt for traveling comfort. Especially comforting during at-home recovery to protect from friendly pets jumping on your incision. Approximately 10x13x3″. Please specify if you would like a print, floral or other, and color preferred.

Children’s Cardiac Pillow with Padded Heart 



Fits between the child’s car seat straps or seat belt and cheese to provide comfort. Contrasting color on back side of pillow or pad. This is a custom order item, so please indicate your preference, i.e., color, style (animated or other fabric).

Approximately 11×8″. Each item, pillow or padded heart is $25.00.