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Bless Your Heart Therapeutic Pillows
"Comforting Patients on the Road to Recovery"
6640 Clybourn Ave, Suite 66
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 980-7561™

We prefer a personal touch at Bless Your Heart Therapeutic Pillows.
Please place your order by phone or e-mail.
If you leave a message, call back if you do not hear from us within 24 hours.
Please expect a confirmation e-mail for all e-mail orders.

Richard James spoke up from a crowd at a benefit dinner while President, Bill Clinton was signing autographs, "My girlfriend sends her best and wants to know if you received the handmade cardiac pillow she sent you after your surgery." Bill Clinton responded, "I still have that pillow. I love that pillow. A lot of people sent me pillows, and that is the only one that was handmade." Turning to the crowd, he said, "You can't imagine the pain and insecure feeling you have when you get in a car for the first time (post surgery). You need this kind of security. It was wonderful - exactly what I needed." 11/3/07
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The One and Only Bless Your Heart Cardiac Travel Pillow (CTP)

Post-Surgery for in-hospital use as a coughing pillow; after care, straps to seat belt for driving/riding comfort. Red w/white diagram, blue back w/red and blue seat belt strap 15" wide, 14" tall, 3 1/2" deep
Bless Your Heart Therapeutic Pillows™ are designed and handmade with care by a cardiac bypass patient survivor who knows how important it is to be as comfortable as possible following surgery. Let Bless Your Heart Therapeutic Pillows™ comfort you while in the recovery room and long after your surgery. You won't want to leave home or travel without your Bless Your Heart Therapeutic Pillow™.
Pricing (Shipping and handling charges not included. State and local (Calif.) sales tax not included)
Amount Ordered Cost Descripton
200+ $15.60 each Red front/blue back. Includes diagram of coronary arteries and valaves. Logo placement addtional cost. See below.
50+ $17.50 each Red front/blue back. Includes diagram of coronary arteries and valaves. Logo placement addtional cost. See below.
Single / Invididual $20.00 each Red front/blue back. Includes diagram of coronary artereis and valves.
Custom Single / Individual $26.00 each Red front/blue back if diagram of coronary arteries and valves desired; colors other than red and blue may have an iron-on transfer logo or image of your choice. (See examples of some previous custom made pillows below).
Fabric Marker $1.00 each Physician can indicate on the diagram where surgery was performed. Friends, family may sign or write get well wishes directly on the pillow.
Silkscreen Pricing:
$50.00 one time charge for single color logo (placed as shown under coronary and valve diagram).
$70.00 one time charge for two color logo (placed as shown under coronary and valve diagram).
(Please email artwork to in .eps, .pdf or .jpg formats with a dpi of at least 300. Additional charge of $25.00 if artwork requires editing).

Examples of some Custom-Made Cardiac Travel Pillows ($26.00 each).

Post Chest / Breast Surgery Travel Pillow (PBC)

For In-Hospital Use and Travel Comfort
(portion of proceeds of fabric donated to
Breast Cancer Research by Fabric Retailer).
10" wide, 11 1/2" tall, 3 to 3 1/2" deep

$16.00 ea. (orders of 50+ or to hospitals)
$21.00 ea. (individual orders).

(Click Photo for Detail of Fabric)

Note: Therapeutic pillows can be machine washed in cold water and dried on low setting.

Incision Pillows (IP)

incision pillow tn.jpgPost Surgical Women's Comfort Pillow (This is a small pillow - see 6"ruler - to be inserted between bra and incision).
Comes packaged in tissue and placed in brown paper gift bag with heart stamp).

$5.00 ea. (orders of 50+ or to hospitals)
$9.50 ea. (individual orders).

(Click Photo for Larger Image)

Padded Cardiac Bibs (PCB)

Loyal Lion Padded Cardiac Bib ($30.00 ea.)
or Padded Bib in Variety of Novely Fabrics ($25.00 ea.) Padded Cardiac Bibs serve the same purpose as the Cardiac Travel Pillow. They fit nicely under the child's car seat belts to provide traveling comfort. "My heart was fixed at ________________ (name of hospital)," with repaired broken heart image in lower left corner of backside of pillow).

Loyal Lion Child's Coughing Pillow (LLP) (Two on left no longer available).

Embroidered eyes, nose, mouth. Face will not come off. Soft, comfy material
with stenciled
My HEART was fixed at "Name of Hospital,"
and repaired broken heart on back of lion.
$17.50 ea. (orders of 50 plus or to hospitals)
$22.50 ea. (individual orders)

(Click Photo for Larger Image)

Breast Surgery Comfort Pillow (BCCP) Our new Breast Surgery Comfort Pillow is so soothing.

Available in three fabrics shown, "hope & love; simply ribbons; mother, daughter, sister, friend."

Click here to print instructions for use.

Curves to fit comfortably but firmly under the arm using either cut-outs.
(Used post-surgery, mastectomy, partial mastecomy, lumpectomy and other breast surgeries. This pillow comes with a pillow insert that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer according to the doctor's instruction and then inserted on either side of the pillow. This pillow provides much needed relief and comfort on either side of the chest for the post-surgery patient. Measuring 17" wide by 14" tall and 5" in depth, this pillow is firm and provides support required for the comfort of most patients. A portion of the fabric shown above on this pillow has been donated to the Susan G. Koman For The Cure Foundation. The all natural cotton pillow insert contains a combination of buckwheat hull groats, rice and flax seed. Fragrance of lavender can be added....please specify when placing your order.
Breast Cancer Comfort Pillow Slip Cover (BCCPSC)

50+ $22.00 each; single/individual orders $25.00 each; pink draw-string slip cover $6.00
Silkscreen Pricing:

$50.00 additional one-time charge for silk screening one color facility name and logo on slipcover.
$70.00 additional one-time charge for silk screening two color facility name and logo on slipcover..
$25.00 additional fee if artwork requires editing. (email image as .eps, .pdf or .jpg file w/dpi of at least 300).

Shipping and handling charges not included. State and local sales tax not included.

Post-Hysterectomy Travel Pillow (HYSS)

hysterectomy pillow tn.jpg For in-hospital and recovery use. Straps to seat belt for traveling comfort.
Especially mforting during at-home recovery to protect from friendly pets.
10" wide, 13 1/2" tall, 3 to 3 1/2" deep.
50+ $16.50 each
Single / Individual $21.50 each

(Click Photos for Larger Images)

Need support or just a friend who is experiencing the same thing you are?

Find the help and support you need at or just click the butterfly.

Post-Surgery Travel Pillow (PSTP)

For in-hospital use and also straps to seat belt for driving/riding
13" wide, 13" tall, 3 to 3 1/2" deep
$18.00 ea. (orders of 50+ or to hospitals)
$23.00 ea. (individual orders).

Lavender (good for relaxation and relief of migraines)
(relief for those having difficulty breathing)
Lavender & Chamomile (relaxing way to help induce sleep)
Clove & Cinnamon (helps relieve nausea)

Soothing eye pillows, weighted to stay in place. May be cooled in refrigerator prior to use. $8.00

Aaah! Comforting neck pillows....great for relaxing, travel, reading. Neck pillows include your choice of aromatherapy. $12.00

Sachets available in aromatherapy scents above. Great for dresser drawers, suitcases and gifts. Photo coming soon! $6.00

Note: Above prices do not include shipping or handling and state sales tax, if applicable.

If you have faxed an order and do not receive a fax confirming your order, please call to confirm order has been received. Each order is custom, hand-made, so please place your order before your previous order runs out.

To order by phone, please call Tina at (818) 980-7561 or e-mail

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