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Customer Reviews

I can say that in making and selling therapeutic pillows since 2004, I’ve had one complaint, and that was the postage was higher than expected.

Some of our valued customers:

Angels for Hearts, West Jefferson Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center, Texas Regional Medical Center, Essentia Health, Teamunderwires, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association, Mercy General Hospital, Dr. David Hutchinson, Marrero, LA; Medical Center of McKinney, Lovelace Sandia Healthcenter, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA; Tahlequah City Hospital, Tahlequah, OK (Northeast Oklahoma Heart Center); Heart Clinic of Louisiana; Medical Center of South Arkansas; North Central Medical Center..





Richard James spoke up from a crowd at a benefit dinner while President, Bill Clinton was signing autographs, “My girlfriend sends her best and wants to know if you received the handmade cardiac pillow she sent you after your surgery.” Bill Clinton responded, “I still have that pillow. I love that pillow. A lot of people sent me pillows, and that is the only one that was handmade.” Turning to the crowd, he said, “You can’t imagine the pain and insecure feeling you have when you get in a car for the first time (post surgery). You need this kind of security. It was wonderful – exactly what I needed.” 11/3/07

“I truly love the many personal notes I have received over the years…makes it worth all the hard work. Thank you, Tina”

Customer Notes of Thanks:

jkautoA picture and a wonderful recent testimonial, “John loves the pillow! He was in the car when I gave it to him and he immediately fastened it to his seat belt! Thank you again! Joan.

Thank you again, Tina! Here is John, my son-in-law and his wife, Karen. We are all thrilled with your pillow!

You made a pillow for my sweet Barbara. You used kitty fabric. It was the best money I ever spent. She got to enjoy her pillow for about 2 weeks before she lost her life. She also knew how much love was sent with that pillow. You see I live about 4 hours from her. So I am so thankful she had her pillow from us. Thank you again. I really appreciate how quickly you sent it out. Not knowing she was going to lose her life. Time was/is so precious. Thank you for everything

L. Deckert

I wanted thank you for the wonderful pillow you made and sent in time for my major abdominal surgery. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten along without it. It has been nearly 3 weeks since my surgery. I am able to rise in a car, stand up, laugh and cough all with the support of my pillow. Most importantly it allows me to have my sweet Cavalier and Puggle close by for comfort and support.

I will loudly sing your praises to anyway who has major surgery.

Best Regards,


“Dear Tina, Thank you for the blessing and comfort you will bring to my friend. The (breast cancer comfort) pillow arrived yesterday, and her surgery is today. Good news is it’s early stage, so no expected chemo, etc. I have enclosed a bit extra to let you know I’m grateful and encourage you to continue blessing others. Fondly, T. Finotchi P.S. I am a massage therapist so the care and comfort of others is of monumental priority to me. I pray for you to be continually blessed with health and wealth.”

“Thank you for making such a nice (cardiac travel) pillow. It has really helped my father in his recovery, and I especially appreciate you sending it in such a timely manner!”

“Thank you for all of your help – the (cardiac travel) pillows are loved by the patients.” P. Lorio, Heart Clinic of Louisiana

“Thank you so much – I love them (breast cancer comfort pillows).” H. Tarbox

“Thank you so very much. My sister LOVES her (cardiac travel) pillow and, the hospital was out of the pillows! So grateful that you got it here so quickly.” K. Wagner

“The (breast cancer comfort) pillow is beautiful Thank you!” M. Winfree

“Tina – Cannot thank you enough for the (cardiac travel) pillow and getting it to me so quickly. My brother was thrilled. He’s had a mirracle recovery – went home on Sun so he had his pillow. God Bless you.” N. Wilson

“Thank you very much! Dan really liked the heart pillow he quickly received.” S. Firestone

“Thanks – it was so great you did it so quick.” (cardiac travel pillow) T. Pacheco

“Dear Tina, Thank you for sending my (hysterectomy) pillow so quickly! I look forward to using it after my surgery.” T. Ames

“I still have that (cardiac travel) pillow. I love that pillow. A lot of people sent me pillows, and that is the only one that is handmade. You can’t imagine the pain and insecure feeling you have when you get in a car for the first time. You need this kind of security. It was wonderful, exactly what I needed.” President, William Jefferson Clinton, 11/3/07

“Ahhh – Your pillow is the best – it has enabled my friend to drive more comfortably. Thank you, L. Carroll.”

“Hi Tina: Hope all is well with you! I was told my sugery went well (the recovery has been a challenge, but I’m coming along!) I wanted to say Thank you for the customized (cardiac travel) pillow (a/k/a My Cameron Pillow.”). It has been very comforting from the 1st weeks after surgery, kiss to the doctor, etc! Especially consdiering it was a last mintue order. I appreciate you sending the personalized pillow so quickly along with the extra special gift (complimentary lavender sachet). Everyone who sees my pillow says it is so cute! Last, but not least, thank you for youu kind words of encouragement! The love, kindness & compassion you put into your work makes all the difference! People like you make this world a nicer place. Thank you for everything! Peace & Blessings! C. Anderson.”

“Thank you so much for the breast cancer travel pillow. My friend loves it and has found great comfort using it. I apperciate all that you do with these pillows! Thanks again, J. Kalef.”

“Our patients love the pillows.” Dorrie Abeyta, Lovelace Sandia Health Center, Volunteer Department

“Thank you, the cardiac pillows are perfect for our patients. The doctors really like them.” Karen Perkins, NORTH CENTRAL MEDICAL CENTER, c/o ICU Dept. – Cardiac

“The cardiac pillows are really nice. Thank you very much.” John Gordon Harold, M.D., FACC, FACP, FCCP, FAHA, Chief of Staff, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“These pillows are really nice. What a great concept.” Dr. Gregory Fontana, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

“Thank you Tina, I love my pillow.” Jay N. Schapira, M.D.

“I love my hysterectomy pillow. When I was in the hospital, I made someone go to my car and get it out of my car. It just felt so good. I keep it with me all the time….it’s become my security blanket.” J. Hof

“Bridgepark loved the cardiac pillows. They are beautiful. They were very impressed. Thank you.” Judy Hamilton, Stephen Gould & Assoc.

“These are really very nice.” Daniel A. Eisenberg, MD, FACC, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center

“Thank you so much! My Mom LOVES her pillow! 🙂 God Bless You” G. Blau (Regarding the Breast Cancer Travel Pillow.)

“Dear Ms. Duell, Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of the hysterectomy pillow. I am sure that it will be very helpful to my friend who is undergoing this operation next week.” Sincerely, C. Wright

“Thank you for such fast delivery! Enjoy your day.” D. Cudmore

“My dad is still in the hospital recovering from his heart surgery. We all look forward to his return home – using his cardiac pillow! Thank you!!” K. Coleman

“Thank you very much! This is awesome! S. Fencerory (In reference to the hysterectomy pillow).”

“My Dad loves his pillow! Thanks so much.” Naomi

“Thank you.” H. Esquivel

“Thank you.” P. Tyo

“Very nice pillow! Thank you.” M. Zaldana

“Our patients love the pillow. Please send 50 more.” A. Maddox, NE Oklahoma Heart Center

“Thank you so much. Nikki was able to have the pillow at the hospital and still has not stopped talking about how much it is helping her. I will recommend everyone to you!” S. Myers

“Tina – We not only loved the pillow – but the box & card were perfect! Great service – We rec’d it in 2 days! Will recommend your products, and if ever in need, will call you again. Thanks so much.” D. Pritchard

“Thank you so much for the pillow! I really appreciate you making sure I got it right away too! Thanks again.” D. Tarwin

“Thank you so much for sending these pillows for us to try. I really appreciate your help! Please accept this small gift in appreciation. Happy Holidays!” K. Rogers (Western Maryland Health System).

“Thank you so very much!” S. McCallum

“Thank you so much for the rush delivery of a pillow to my Mom – It’s perfect and beautiful. I’ll remember you to anyone in need, especially love the seat belt closure. Again, many thanks.” J. Paine

“Thank you so much for sending the 2nd pillow. It’s a wonderful item, and I’m sure my sister will love it! Regards, R. Arminio.”

“Thank you for having these therapeutic products available for the public to purchase. I just wished that I had found your organization a few years ago when I had my right ovary removed. I could have used this type of pillow after my surgery. I was given one by the hospital (they made it up) sort of a pillow for me for the recovery but it was nothing like these that I received. Thank the cardiac bypass people who had created such a lovely pillow! Thanks again, K. Schmidt.”

“My dad really loves his pillow, and he uses it every day. It has really helped him.” C. Schmidt

“Many thanks for the wonderful pillow – – couldn’t have made the trip home from the hospital without it . . . I am now 5 weeks post-surgery & getting stronger with each day. Many Blessings to You, N. Price

“On behalf of my mom, she would like to extend another thank you for the pillow, your time, and the donation! In His Love, T & C”

“Tina, thank you again for your kindness and compassion during this difficult time. My brother really loves the pillow. He said you even called to ensure he received the pillow! Response & service is unmatched! Thank you again, L.D.”

“The pillow looked great, my boss loved it! Thanks again, J. B.”

“Thank you, Elizabeth is making progrress each day. Chest tubes are coming out today. Hopefully, she will be home soon. Blessings, C.T.

“Dear Tina: Thank you so much for the beautiful pillow. My husband’s sugery is on 6/28 (aortic aneurysm/bicuspid aortic valve replacement). Thank you for the speedy delivery. Will update you on his progress and inform on how the pillow worked out. Best, M.

“Thank you for caring. Sincerely, PD”

“Thank you, it is wonderful for my son. C”

I truly love the personal notes I have received over the years, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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